Kelly michaels is the sole creator of tantric fusion. 

Help to prevent the plagiarism of my website and report providers falsely using this trademark.

This method of intimacy is patent pending and has not been shared with any other providers. 

Private sessions prepare you to relax and receive as well as perform Tantric Fusion. These are surrogate sessions.

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Home Study Kits

Couples retreats

private sessions

 Tantric Fusion

Explore New Concepts in Eroticism 

Erotic Adventures for Men and Couples

For those that cannot meet with me in person, a complete Tantric Fusion Home Study Kit is available for purchase online.  

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Couples are invited to join me for a weekend retreat offering small classes, optional private surrogacy and intimacy coaching. 

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Tantric Fusion is a completely new concept in Eroticism developed by Kelly Michaels,  a studying sexologist and experienced surrogate partner that has practiced from Coast to Coast. Kelly combines ancient Tantric techniques and meditation along with modern sexuality to develop sexual fitness, and improve your personal sexual bests.